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Green and Brown

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While shooting the documentary Murghab in February/March 2018, we filmed Kushnazar’s daily routine: in the morning, he would bring out the seedlings to his greenhouse; in the evening he would take them back to his flat and put them under the oven. It was still freezing cold at night. At 3600m above sea level, amidst the brown high-altitude desert of the Eastern Pamirs, Kushnazar was planning to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and even melons and watermelons.

Last month, coming back to Murghab to show the film, I was curious to see the results of his efforts. Opening the squeaky door to the greenhouse, I found myself amidst an avalanche of lush green and the boisterous smell of garden herbs.

Kushnazar was more critical of his obvious success. Some of the tomatoes weren't quite ripe yet, and the melons and watermelons failed this year. It was cold in early summer, with snows in late June, he explained. Maybe next year.

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