25 January 2018

Felt, Yaks, and a Tricycle

Highland Flotsam in the Eastern Pamirs

Neighbouring China | Pamirs, Tajikistan, pastoralism, objects


12 January 2018

The Millionaire

Back in the silver mines of Bazar Dara

Neighbouring China | Pamirs, Tajikistan, mining


25 September 2017

Men, Muscle, Iron, Rock

A glimpse of Afghan road construction.

Neighbouring China | Pamir Highway, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, border, road, construction, Mongol Rally, Pamirs


05 May 2017

Insurance Terror

Juggling Worlds in Jackson Heights

Home, Transit | Walung, New York, insurance, Sherpa, community


13 September 2016

Hotel Without Name

The fate of two stranded shipping containers

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, container, architecture, road


09 May 2016

Change of Shift

Casino staff in Mong La, Special Region 4, Myanmar

Neighbouring China | Myanmar, casino, Mong La


03 January 2016

Three Idiots and a Lake

In the footsteps of Bollywood to Pangong Tso, Ladakh

Neighbouring China | Bollywood, remoteness, connectivity, Ladakh, India, Himalaya, tourism


29 October 2015

Waiting for the Chinese

Tinned fish and fermented soy bean in the silver mines of Bazar Dara, Tajikistan

Neighbouring China | Bazar Dara, Pamirs, Tajikistan, mining, remoteness, connectivity


27 May 2015

Engineering Dulong

Free houses for all. But don't forget who dug the well.

Neighboring China | Dulong, Yunnan, Nujiang, development, Socialist New Villages, road


19 March 2015


Container architecture in Central Asia.

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, container, architecture, exchange, trade, road, China

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