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Message to Jindak

Last year, I accompanied my teacher and friend to Lubrak – “his” village in Mustang, Nepal, to which he has kept returning for more than three decades. Like many good anthropologists, he became entangled with the place, its people and ghosts in ways too numerous to tell, too deep to write about, yet still too novel not to be intrigued.

At one point, he helped find a jindak, a patron and sponsor, for the local school. The jindak is a wealthy man from the other side of the globe with broad interests and the will to commit himself to the fate of this Himalayan village. Among other things, he funded a hostel for the school children to stay in. It was completed just before we arrived.

There would be a lot to say about the role of patrons and sponsors in Tibetan societies and their importance in ritual. There would be even more to say about the cosmopolitan linkages of this valley to local neighbourhoods in New York and elsewhere. However, all of this would be far too pretentious for what this little record was meant to be from the outset – a glimpse into the hostel’s daily routine and a message to the jindak, whose schedule is too busy to visit often.

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