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Caravans, retired

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Sorry for the long gap between posts. I was horribly busy and did not do much photography lately.

We are now driving from Munich to Central Asia and, while in Europe, we often stay in camping sites over night. In Croatia, the camping sites were like galleries of the newest fancy camper vans with German and Dutch number pates; in Albania, a camping ground usually means a few weathered tents one can rent; and now in Greece (this is an hour south of Thessaloniki), they are trailer parks full of retired caravans (most of them originally also from Germany). They carry names like "Weltbummler" – Globetrotter. However, relieved of their duty to accompany their owners exploring the world, they are retired here at the beach. Solid tables, Ikea lamps and carefully painted fences are all it takes to turn them into affordable vacation homes.

It is early September and the camping site is open for another month or so. However, school has started last week and the season is more or less over. A few elderly holiday makers are still around, playing cards, watching the news on TV, or chatting with their temporal summer neighbours. Most caravans, however, are readied for the winter, wrapped up or sheltered beneath blue tarps.

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