Seeing Tibet


In 2007/2008 I lived in Lhasa and Xining. I studied Tibetan language at Tibet University and carried out fieldwork for my PhD on the industry of Tibetan medicine. Seeing Tibet is a reflection on my efforts to capture what I saw and tried to understand – a world very different from the world of monks, monasteries, pilgrims and prayer flags as which Tibet is so often depicted. This is where the idea to [ the other image ] was born.


09 November 2013

Monastery on Steroids

Arura's ambitious Tibetan Medicine Museum of China.

Seeing Tibet | Xining, Tibetan medicine, heritage, museum


17 November 2012

Ritual Equipment

Shoton as social media event.

Seeing Tibet | Drepung, heritage, Lhasa, making images, Shoton, Tibet


04 September 2012

Look, Tibet!

The Friendship Highway, Chinese students, and an exhibition in Singapore.

Seeing Tibet | Friendship Highway, roads, Himalayas, Tibet


15 May 2012

New Heritage

Business men, window-shopping monks, and visions of a prosperous and peaceful Lhasa.

Seeing Tibet | construction, houses, Lhasa, heritage


02 May 2012

Past Nobility

The houses of Lhasa’s erstwhile aristocracy as relics of a socialist past.

Seeing Tibet | aristocracy, houses, Lhasa, Tibet


25 April 2012

Whiten Drepung

Snow and the absence of red robed monks in what used to be the world’s biggest monastery.

Seeing Tibet | Drepung, Lhasa, monks, rebellion, snow


18 April 2012


Socialism, spa and a power plant at 4300 m above sea.

Seeing Tibet | hot spring, power plant, socialism, tourism


02 April 2012

The Long Lens

Today, there is no shortage of images from the Land of Snows. Yet, their scope has remained astonishingly narrow.

Seeing Tibet | Lhasa, making images, pilgrims, Tibet, tourism


28 March 2012

Red Banners and Demons

“Everyone protect cultural heritage and share the fruits of its protection!” – Propaganda, yes. But to whom is it addressed?

Seeing Tibet | Lhasa, pilgrims, Potala, propaganda, red banners, Tibet


22 March 2012

Norway for Namtso

An invitation by the Tibet Tourism Bureau to visit Namtso turns out to be full of surprises.

Seeing Tibet | Lhasa, making images, Namtso, Potala, Tibet, tourism

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