Neighbouring China


Neighbouring China is the topic of my current research. I am concerned with the question what China’s rise means for its immediate neighbours – the dozens of minorities living directly along its borders (read more about it here). Currently, my focus lies on the high Himalayan valleys and passes of northern Nepal. In the future, I plan to include Siberia and Central Asia. The larger plan is to work towards a visual ethnography of “neighbouring” China.


25 May 2018

A Shared Smoke

Forest, tourists and construction in Dulong, Yunnan.

Neighbouring China | Dulong, Yunnan, China, road, tourism


10 May 2018

Red, Blue, Brown

Colours in Hilsa, Nepal.

Neighbouring China | Humla, Nepal, Tibet, roads, border, Hilsa, aesthetics


25 January 2018

Felt, Yaks, and a Tricycle

Highland Flotsam in the Eastern Pamirs

Neighbouring China | Pamirs, Tajikistan, pastoralism, objects


12 January 2018

The Millionaire

Back in the silver mines of Bazar Dara

Neighbouring China | Pamirs, Tajikistan, mining


25 September 2017

Men, Muscle, Iron, Rock

A glimpse of Afghan road construction.

Neighbouring China | Pamir Highway, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, border, road, construction, Mongol Rally, Pamirs


13 September 2016

Hotel Without Name

The fate of two stranded shipping containers

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, container, architecture, road


09 May 2016

Change of Shift

Casino staff in Mong La, Special Region 4, Myanmar

Neighbouring China | Myanmar, casino, Mong La


03 January 2016

Three Idiots and a Lake

In the footsteps of Bollywood to Pangong Tso, Ladakh

Neighbouring China | Bollywood, remoteness, connectivity, Ladakh, India, Himalaya, tourism


29 October 2015

Waiting for the Chinese

Tinned fish and fermented soy bean in the silver mines of Bazar Dara, Tajikistan

Neighbouring China | Bazar Dara, Pamirs, Tajikistan, mining, remoteness, connectivity


19 March 2015


Container architecture in Central Asia.

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, container, architecture, exchange, trade, road, China


11 February 2015

Things that Last

Spare parts for the future.

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, Pamir, Sary Tash, truck, road


09 May 2014

Concrete Heritage

Yurts at Lake Karakol, China.

Neighbouring China | Xinjiang, Karakorum Highway, China, tourism, heritage


22 April 2014

Crossing Torugart

A little black box and a zone in between.

Neighbouring China | Kyrgyzstan, Xinjian, Torugart, border crossing, logistics, tourism, trade, border regime


09 April 2014

Companions in Fate

Wayfaring between Murghab and Osh

Neighbouring China | Pamir, Pamir Highway, road, border crossing, Murghab, Osh


15 February 2014

Cold Water

Stuck in the river on the way back from Tsang

Neighbouring China | Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, Humla, Limi, roads, pathways


25 January 2014

Double Narration

Voice-over and a phone call in Tugling, Limi

Neighbouring China | Nepal, Himalayas, Humla, Limi, road, documentary, trucks


28 December 2013

Red Carpet

A Chinese truck arrives in a Himalayan village.

Neighbouring China | Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet, Humla, Limi, roads, pathways


07 December 2013

A Free Zone

The Ishkoshim Free Economic Zone at the Tajik-Afghan border.

Neighbouring China | Ishkoshim, trade, border, Special Economic Zone, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Wakhan, Gorno-Badakhshan


14 October 2013

Ishkoshim Border Market

On an island between Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Neighbouring China | Ishkoshim, trade, border, market, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Wakhan, Badakhshan


25 September 2013

Eight Seconds

A glimpse of noise on the nightly Karakorum Highway.

Neighbouring China | China, Karakol, Karakorum Highway, road, transport, Xinjiang


05 September 2013

New Socialist Countryside

Village construction and a red carpet in Xinjiang, China.

Neighbouring China | agro-pastoralism, China, heritage, Socialist New Villages, Tashkurgan, tourism, Xinjiang


21 August 2013


Roadside anthropology in Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan.

Neighbouring China | Alai, China, container, Irkeshtam, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir, pathway, roads, Sary-Tash, trade


02 August 2013

Dordoi Bazaar

A labyrinth of shipping containers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Neighbouring China | bazar, Dordoi, Kyrgyzstan, trade


01 June 2013

Happy, Beauty, Lucky

The Tibetan border at Hilsa, a Chinese wallpaper, and my state of mind.

Neighbouring China | aesthetics, Hilsa, Humla, Nepal, Tibet, trade, travel


25 April 2013

Change of Winds

Mustang’s nocturnal beauty and a familiar experience.

Neighbouring China | Kali Gandaki, Lubrak, Mustang, Nepal, night, time-lapse


09 April 2013

Dhanyan's House

Cardamom, bees, and an invitation to stay.

Neighbouring China | bees, cardamom, Himalayas, magpa, Nepal, New York, radio, Walung


29 March 2013

The Lahu Experience

Seventeen families on a mountain ridge in northern Laos.

Neighbouring China | art of not being governed, Lahu, Laos, Luang Namtha, tourism, trekking


20 March 2013

Golden Boten City

Eerie ruins of foul investment, but not a busted dream.

Neighbouring China | border, casino, development, Golden Boten, Laos


17 January 2013

Material Sediments

Little things found in every house in the village of Walung.

Neighbouring China | Himalayas, Nepal, objects, Walung


16 December 2012

Arrivals, Then and Now

Haimendorf’s 1957 images of Walung and the absence of visible change.

Neighbouring China | children, Himalayas, migration, trade, Walung


09 December 2012

In and Out of Walung

A Himalayan village that continues to create wealth.

Neighbouring China | Himalayas, migration, Nepal, trade, Walung


01 December 2012

Rabten's Radio

Clamorous signals in the ether.

Neighbouring China | Humla, Nepal, radio, Sallikhola


14 November 2012

Moonlight Departure

Government rice and caravans that prefer travelling at night.

Neighbouring China | caravan, food crises, Humla, Limi road, rice, sheep and goats


13 September 2012

Message to Jindak

A glimpse into the daily routines of a school hostel in Mustang, Nepal.

Neighbouring China | children, Himalayas, Mustang, Nepal, school


24 August 2012

Shelter Below a Rock

A group of Chhetri merchants on their annual trip to Tibet.

Neighbouring China | Chhetri, Humla, Karnali, Nepal, trade


27 July 2012

Salt Traders

Nomad salt traders in Humla (Nepal) on their way back from the Tibetan border.

Neighbouring China | caravan, Humla, Karnali, salt, sheep, goat, trade


19 July 2012

Breaking Camp

Summer pastures near the Tibetan border and an unexpected free ride.

Neighbouring China | Halji, roads, Himalayas, Limi, Nepal, pastoralism


10 July 2012

Village Meeting

When to harvest, what to do about the glacier lake flood, and how not to be rude to two Nepali NGO workers.

Neighbouring China | Halji, Limi, Nepal


26 June 2012

The Operator

“It is mind work, not physical work”, says the man who operates the excavator.

Neighbouring China | Himalayas, Humla, Limi, Nepal, roads


16 June 2012

Across Nyalo

Retrieving abandoned goods on a high Himalayan pass and a road back to tradition.

Neighbouring China | Himalayan roads, Limi, Nepal, trade


09 June 2012

New Roads, Old Trades

A roadside camp in the high Himalayas that serves as international business hub.

Neighbouring China | roads, Limi, Nepal, trade

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