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Most of my images are produced away from home in the “field”, as anthropologists say. Home, Transit is my effort to take the ethnographic gaze back to the places I live and work. In the field, I use the camera as a tool to familiarise myself with a place, to wrap my head around a situation. Back home I use the camera to regain a distance to the all-to familiar. Over the past decade I have lived in Switzerland, England, Tibet, and Singapore, and I have been on the move for much of the time in between. Being home and being in transit have become blurred categories. The images and stories in this theme explore this misty territory.


05 May 2017

Insurance Terror

Juggling Worlds in Jackson Heights

Home, Transit | Walung, New York, insurance, Sherpa, community


04 January 2015

Steppe Motel

Tea and dinner in the Kazakh steppe.

Home, Transit | Kazakhstan, road, steppe, hotel


21 November 2014

Caspian Crossing

Steaks from Paraguay for the Kazakh middle class.

Home, Transit | globalisation, logistics, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea


22 October 2014

The Aral Sea

Fishermen instead of rusting hulks.

Home, Transit | Aral Sea, ecology, fish, desert, sand, making images


07 September 2014

Caravans, retired

Affordable vacation homes at the beach.

Home, Transit | Greece, caravan, beach, camping, tourism


11 June 2014


As real as it gets.

Home, Transit | Kyrgyzstan, making images, Issyk Kul


31 May 2014

Kumys and a Bath

A herder’s camp in the Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Home, Transit | Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan, pastoralism, horses, kumys


26 March 2014


Pale winter light and an empty city.

Home, Transit | Munich, light, Europe, city, winter, empty


07 January 2014


New Year's Eve in Hundwil, Switzerland.

Home, Transit | Hundwil, Switzerland, ritual, meaning, being, spirits


25 October 2013

Moon over Munich

Stuck between city and suburbia.

Home, Transit | Munich, train, moon, snow


22 July 2013

Cholpon Ata

Beach life and snow mountains at the shores of lake Issyk Kul.

Home, Transit | Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan, tourism


08 July 2013

Last Year's Play

Change at different speeds in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Home, Transit | change, midsummer, Russia, Saint Petersburg, traces


28 June 2013


A juncture of disjunctures, synchronised by a thunderstorm.

Home, Transit | disjuncture, juncture, metro, midsummer, pace, Saint Petersburg, veteran


12 May 2013


An explosion of green and repeating images of home.

Home, Transit | Appenzell, church, cows, grass, green, home, Hundwil, milk, Switzerland


07 March 2013

The Lake

A world on water and a happy traveller.

Home, Transit | Burma, Inle Lake, market, tourism, water


19 February 2013

Nameless Ritual

Daily encounters at sunset in the plains of Bagan.

Home, Transit | Bagan, Buddhism, Burma, making images, ritual, tourism, travel


07 February 2013

The Caravansary

Little has changed at Khaosan Road, Bangkok.

Home, Transit | banana-pancake trail, Khaosan Road, Thailand, transit, travel


25 January 2013

Apo Is.

An evening hour of wild games on a small strip of sand.

Home, Transit | Apo, diving, fishing, Negros, Philippines, remittances, turtles


03 January 2013

Abbots of Little Unreason

A new look at last winter’s Christmas.

Home, Transit | Christmas, meaning and being, reason, ritual, Singapore


22 October 2012

Pandora City

Visions of a more potent, more stunning, and less messy incarnation of Singapore’s tropical nature.

Home, Transit | avatar, capitalism, cosumption, nature, Singapore


05 October 2012

After the Rain

Small things I encounter everyday on my way through the Botanic Gardens.

Home, Transit | Botanic Gardens, making images, Singapore


15 August 2012

Footpath to Biopolis

Across the jungle between our housing block and Singapore’s incorporated vision of a bio-future.

Home, Transit | Biopolis, housing, jungle, life sciences, Singapore


03 July 2012

Forest of Signs

An abandoned graveyard and a boisterous yet silent struggle over space, meaning, and memory.

Home, Transit | cemetery, memory, Singapore, space


23 May 2012

Ghosts and Other Mysteries

Hungry spirits, rusty oil barrels and awkward disks on top of our housing block in Singapore.

Home, Transit | housing, Singapore, spirits, religion

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